catcentkeller is going on hiatus


It’s been a hard decision but I found myself being really stressed out working on two blogs at the same time and now there’s a high possibility that I’m going to work again soon, it’s time to put this blog on hiatus until I figure out if I can manage working on this blog as much as I used to - because I really love this blog.

My BATB stuff won’t be gone, I will publish my things on my main blog (link can be found below). It’s multi-fandom and I’d be happy if you’d follow me there in the meantime (and visit some of my favourite batb blogs). Plus, I’d still be happy to take requests (limited tho), so don’t be shy and ask away. xoxo AnnK

One of the best BATB blogs, we will miss you until you come back! Come soon! xoxo.

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beauty and the beast +  1x12 scenerygasm

girls karaoke night

#fml expression

I’m not going anywhere…

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'The Beast'

4 gifs of catcent (requested by britcroft)

Other beautiful BATB blogs you can follow , TeamCatcent and CatcentKeller ♥


Catherine & Vincent

Can everyone be as crystal clear as Catherine please?

Cat talks about Vincent & Alex to her therapist.